Which buyers agency should you choose

Which buyers agency should you choose? With Simon Deering and Heath Bassett

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    The world of real estate investment is competitive, and choosing the right buyer’s agency can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

    With many choices of buyers agents available, home buyers and property investors often find themselves wondering which one will best serve their needs. This case study examines how You&Me Personalised Property Services turned an initial setback into a remarkable success story.

    Through this quick case study/story, we’ll explore key factors that investors should consider when selecting the best buyers agency for their property investment journey.

    The role of any buyer’s agency is crucial in helping buyers take advantage of the complex property market. We act as advocates for property buyers, leveraging our expertise, market knowledge, and networks to secure the best possible deals (on and off-market).

    But with the growing number of buyer’s agencies in recent years, it’s become increasingly challenging for investors to discern which agency truly stands out as the best buyers agency for their specific needs.

    Are You Spending Too Much Time Searching for Your Property?
    Are You Spending Too Much Time Searching for Your Property?


    You&Me Personalised Property Services, spearheaded by the dynamic duo Simon Deering and Heath Bassett, co-founders and property buyers agents, has positioned itself as a competitive and client-focused agency in the Perth and Brisbane property markets.

    Our core philosophy revolves around continuous improvement and aligning closely with clients’ moral and ethical standards. We negotiate and provide genuine services to all types of property buyers. This approach seems to set us apart in a crowded field of buyer’s agencies, where the focus is often solely on transactions rather than long-term client relationships.

    Our aim is to differentiate ourselves through personalised service and a deep commitment to client success. This ethos is particularly important in a market where many choices of buyers agencies can leave investors feeling overwhelmed and unsure about which agency truly has their best interests at heart.

    The Challenge

    Despite our strong ethos and commitment to client service, our buyer’s agency faced a significant setback when we lost a potential client to a larger competitor. This challenge is not uncommon, where established names often have the advantage of brand recognition and extensive marketing resources.

    The loss of this client prompted our team to take a hard look at our operations and identify areas for improvement. This self-reflection is a crucial quality for any agency claiming to be the best buyer’s agency, as it demonstrates a commitment to growth and adaptation in a constant changing market.

    The buyers chose another buyers agency
    The buyers chose another buyers agency

    Key Issues

    Presentation Skills

    Our buyer’s agency realised that our extensive knowledge and expertise weren’t being effectively communicated during client presentations. First impressions are crucial.

    Market Competition

    Competing against larger, more established agencies posed a significant challenge. Many buyers agencies have been operating for years, building strong reputations and client bases. For our agency to stand out, we needed to offer something unique and compelling.

    Client Expectations with Buyers Agents

    Meeting and exceeding client expectations in terms of property acquisition timelines and value is important. The competitive nature of the industry means that clients often have high expectations, and agencies must consistently deliver to be considered among the best.

    Market Access

    In a competitive property market, access to off-market properties can be a significant advantage. Our buyer’s agency recognized the need to enhance our network and improve our ability to source exclusive listings.

    Demonstrating Value

    With many choices of buyers agencies available, we needed to clearly articulate our unique value proposition to potential clients. This involved not only showcasing our expertise but also demonstrating how our services translate into tangible benefits for investors.


    Recognising these challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted approach to address our weaknesses and enhance our strengths:

    Improved Presentation

    We completely revamped our presentation style to better communicate our expertise and value proposition. This involved creating more engaging visual aids, developing clearer messaging around our unique selling points, and practicing our delivery to ensure confidence and professionalism in every client interaction.

    Focus on Off-Market Opportunities

    Recognising the value of exclusive listings, our buyer’s agency doubled down on leveraging and expanding our network to access off-market properties. We cultivated relationships with real estate agents, property developers, and other industry insiders to gain early access to properties before they hit the open market.

    Personalised Service Enhancement

    Our agency further refined our personalised approach, developing a more comprehensive client onboarding process. This included in-depth consultations to understand each client’s unique goals, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. By tailoring our services to each client’s specific needs, we aimed to differentiate ourselves from larger, more impersonal agencies.

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Our buyer’s agency invested in advanced property market analytics tools, allowing us to provide clients with data-backed investment properties recommendations.

    Transparent Communication

    We implemented a new communication protocol, ensuring regular updates to clients throughout the property search and acquisition process. This transparency helped manage client expectations and build trust, addressing one of the key pain points in the buyer’s agency industry.

    Performance Metrics

    Our agency developed a system to track and showcase our performance metrics, including average time to property acquisition, percentage of properties secured below market value, and client satisfaction ratings. These concrete figures provided tangible evidence of our effectiveness to potential clients.

    Choosing a Buyer's Agency Can Be Hard
    Choosing a Buyer’s Agency Can Be Hard


    Our comprehensive improvements yielded impressive outcomes, demonstrating why we stand out in the property market.

    Client Return

    The previously lost client returned after experiencing significant delays with the competitor. This return was a testament to our improved market positioning and the strength of our initial connection with the client.

    Quick Property Acquisition

    Our agency secured an off-market property for the returned client within just three days, significantly outperforming the competitor’s four-month timeframe. This rapid acquisition showcased our enhanced network and ability to act fast in a competitive market.

    Value for Money

    The property acquired for the client was approximately $30,000 under market value, demonstrating our negotiation skills and market knowledge. This tangible financial benefit highlighted the real value a top buyer’s agency can provide.

    Client Satisfaction

    Not only did the client complete the initial purchase, but they also signed on for a second property investment with our buyers agency. This repeat business is a strong indicator of client satisfaction and trust in our abilities.

    Increased Off-Market Acquisitions

    Following our focused efforts, our buyer’s agency reported that approximately 40% of our property acquisitions were now coming from off-market opportunities. This high percentage of exclusive listings gave our clients a significant advantage in a competitive market.

    Improved Client Retention

    Our agency saw a marked increase in client retention rates, with more investors choosing to work with us for multiple property acquisitions. This loyalty is a key indicator of client satisfaction and our ability to deliver consistent results.

    Enhanced Market Reputation

    Our success story began to circulate in property investment communities, leading to increased referrals and a stronger market position. This word-of-mouth marketing is particularly valuable in the buyer’s agency industry, where trust and reputation are paramount.

    Key Learnings

    This case study highlights several crucial factors that property investors should consider when choosing the right buyer’s agency.

    Presentation and Communication

    How well does the agency articulate its knowledge and strategy? The best buyer’s agency should be able to clearly communicate its value proposition and strategy to clients.


    Is the agency willing to learn from setbacks and improve its services? In a rapidly changing property market, the ability to adapt and evolve is crucial for long-term success.

    Market Access

    Does the agency have access to off-market properties? This can be a significant advantage in securing desirable properties at competitive prices.

    Performance Metrics

    Can the agency deliver results in terms of acquisition speed and property value? Concrete performance data can help investors make informed decisions when choosing among many buyers agencies.

    Client Relationship

    Does the agency prioritise building trust and long-term relationships with clients? The best buyer’s agency should focus on long-term client success, not just short-term transactions.

    Market Knowledge

    How deep is the agency’s understanding of the local property market? Comprehensive market knowledge is essential for making informed investment decisions.

    Negotiation Skills

    Can the agency secure properties below market value? Strong negotiation skills can lead to significant financial benefits for clients.


    Does the agency provide regular, clear communication throughout the property acquisition process? Transparency builds trust and helps manage client expectations.


    Does the agency tailor its approach to each client’s unique needs and goals? The best buyer’s agency should offer personalised service rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

    Network Strength

    How extensive is the agency’s network of industry contacts? A strong network can provide access to better deals and off-market opportunities.

    Delivering Fast and Effective Results
    Delivering Fast and Effective Results

    Industry Context

    The buyer’s agency industry in Australia, has seen significant growth in recent years. This expansion has led to many choices of buyers agencies for investors, making it crucial for agencies like ours to differentiate ourselves and demonstrate clear value. Several factors have contributed to the rise of buyer’s agencies.

    Complexity of the Property Market

    As property markets become more competitive and complex, many investors are turning to professional help to navigate these challenges.

    Time Constraints

    Busy professionals often lack the time to conduct thorough property searches themselves, making buyer’s agencies an attractive option.

    Access to Off-Market Properties

    Buyer’s agencies often have access to properties not available to the general public, providing a significant advantage to their clients.

    Negotiation Expertise

    Professional buyer’s agents typically have strong negotiation skills, potentially saving their clients thousands of dollars on property purchases.

    Local Market Knowledge

    For investors looking to purchase in unfamiliar areas, buyer’s agencies offer valuable local market insights.

    However, the proliferation of agencies has also led to increased competition and the need for agencies to clearly demonstrate their value proposition. This is where our buyer’s agency, You&Me Personalised Property Services, has found opportunities to stand out by focusing on personalised service, continuous improvement, and tangible results.

    The Future of Buyer’s Agencies

    As the property market continues to evolve, the role of buyer’s agencies is likely to become even more significant. But, to remain competitive and be considered among the best buyer’s agencies, firms like ours will need to keep ahead of the trend.

    Embrace Technology

    Utilising advanced property analytics, virtual reality property tours, and AI-powered market predictions to provide better service to clients.

    Focus on Education

    Offering comprehensive educational resources to clients, helping them become more informed investors.

    Expand Service Offerings

    Providing end-to-end property investment services, including financial planning and property management.

    Emphasize Sustainability

    As environmental concerns become more prominent, the best buyer’s agencies will need to develop expertise in sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

    Adapt to Market Changes

    Staying agile and responsive to shifts in the property market, economic conditions, and investor preferences.

    Why our buyers agency keep winning-YouandMe Personalised Property Services
    Why our buyers agency keep winning-YouandMe Personalised Property Services


    So, which buyers agency should you choose?

    This case demonstrates the importance of continuous improvement, effective communication, and delivering tangible results in the competitive buyer’s agency market.

    When buying property, it’s crucial to choose your agency wisely. Look beyond promises and seek an agency with proven results. The best partners in property investment adapt to changing markets and continuously learn. They consistently meet client needs rather than just making empty claims. This case study illustrates why these factors are important. Keep these points in mind as you embark on your property journey.

    When selecting a buyer’s agency, buyers should look beyond initial presentations and consider factors such as the agency’s track record, ability to access off-market properties, and commitment to client satisfaction.

    In the quest to find the best buyer’s agency, investors should remember that the definition of “best” can vary depending on individual needs and goals. What matters most is finding an agency that aligns with your investment strategy, communicates effectively, and has a proven track record of success.

    Our story serves as a reminder that in the world of buyer’s agencies, it’s not always the biggest or most well-known firms that provide the best service. Sometimes, it’s the agencies that are willing to learn, adapt, and go the extra mile for their clients that truly stand out in this competitive industry.

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