What Property Buyer Are You?

Property Investment for all Investors

Property Investors

Helping all types of Buyers.

We make sure that your next investment is the very best one it can be.

Heath Bassett-You and Me Personalised Property Services Co-Founder

Working for the Buyer's interests

“Love your client, listen to your client, be loyal to your client, and hard work.”

Heath Bassett Co-Founder

Buyers Agents you can trust

Yes, they have plenty of property knowledge, experience, results, raving fans and everything else that other great buyers’ agencies should have to offer, however the one point of difference they offer their clients is;
you will only ever deal with one of, if not both founders of the business.

A small Buyer's agency for YOU

That’s right! Heath and Simon don’t employ sales consultants or cadets to look after your vital property purchase. They don’t run a business that focuses on large volume, where clients are perceived as $ values and ranked from highest to lowest.
Instead, they make sure that YOU are looked after from start to finish with every single property purchase.

Simon Deering-You and Me Personalised Property Services Co-Founder

Winning for our buyers clients

“We take pride in our integrity. Our clients love our persistence in our pursuit of every property acquisition. Almost as much as we love winning for our clients and ourselves.”

Simon Deering Co-Founder.

What type of investor are you?

Western Australia Swan Logo Perth Property Investors
Property investors

A Perth Local?

Do you live in Perth and want to invest in Property?

That makes total sense, and at You&Me we hear this all the time. We are here to make sure you get the right advice, the right property at the right price while providing the best experience possible each and every single time.

Property investors

Interstate Buyer?

Western Australia Real Estate Has The Highest Growth

With the Western Australian property market set to see the highest growth and best rental returns across the country, You&Me Personalised Property Services are the go-to company for all property investors to use when looking to purchase in WA.

Property investors

International Buyer?

Booming Australian Property Market

The Australian property market is in demand right around the globe for its stability and strong returns.

We understand the geographical and regulatory barriers to enter, for international buyers.

Property investors

FIFO Buyer?

Helping FIFO workers invest smart

You work hard for your money. We make your money work hard for you. FIFO workers, we have your back too!

We know how you’re feeling, we personally know how hard it is to find the time to search for your next home, investment property or strategy to build a successful property portfolio.

Let us do the work for you!!

Tri Service Logo-Australian Army
Property investors

Military Buyer?

Don't waste your precious time at home, finding your next property

Imagine, you are deployed interstate or even in another country and can’t be out and about looking for your first home to purchase or next investment opportunity. Time is the most precious resource we all have, so make it count! Spend it with loved ones! Don’t waste what little time you have grinding away, searching 100’s of properties in the hope that you will find the right property for your circumstances.

Property investors

Expatriate Buyer?

Welcome Back To The Motherland

You are living abroad and want to invest back in your home country.

We are well equipped with the knowledge and technology to make Western Australian property investment a reality for expat investors.

Benefits of using You&Me Personalised Property Services:

A strategic approach to property investment

Consultation with founders of You&Me Personalised Property Services

Tailored identification of state-wide investment opportunities

Comprehensive market and property analysis reports

Cashflow estimates based on the property price, rental yield and expenses

Objective negotiations for superior outcomes

Personalised, end-to-end contract management

Unbiased advice and representation from the directors

Ongoing mentoring and support for the lifetime of the investment

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