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A Trusted Perth Buyer's Agency

Partner with an experienced and professional Perth Buyer's Agent to get the best deal possible.

Professional Perth Buyer's Agents You Can Rely On

We're licensed real estate professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. We specialise in searching, assessing, negotiating and inspecting properties for all sorts of property buyers.

We'll find your ideal home, or the investment property of your dreams.

See how our buyers agent services work.

Buying property is a big financial commitment and it can be stressful. To ease the burden, you need someone knowledgeable in real estate on your side. Our well-connected and experienced Perth buyer's agents will guide and support you at every stage of the buying process.

Buyers agents perth you

Perth local buyer's agents

Our buyer's agents live, breathe and specialise in Perth's local property market, and know the up-to-date pricing of properties in the area. We specialise in strategic acquisitions of residential and commercial (including development) properties for our clients.

We help our clients identify and target opportunities (owner-occupier and investment) that have a high potential and that are tailored to their investment goals.

Dedicated Perth buyers agents

Dedicated buyer's advocates

The team at You&Me Personalised Property Services is comprised of experienced property buyer's agents (or buyer's advocates) that are all licensed professionals.

We specialise in finding, evaluating, and then negotiating the purchase of a Perth property on behalf of home buyers and investors. We have access to properties for sale in Perth and Greater WA before they hit the market.

Using a Licensed real estate agent to buy a property?

Are you dealing with a selling agent? A licensed real estate agent is legally appointed to represent the property seller. It is their job to make sure that they get the most amount of money they possibly can for the seller.

If you're looking to buy a home, or to build a property portfolio, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with Perth property investment.

Genuine, full-service Perth real estate buyer's agents

You&Me Personalised Property Services, specialise in strategic acquisitions of an array of properties/property types and developments for all property buyers:

Capital Raising
Property Syndicates
And others

In an industry with so many companies to choose from, You&Me Personalised Property Services have two massive points of difference, which has seen us become the preferred option for those who won’t compromise on service.

Our real estate buyer's agents work directly with you, the property buyer

When you deal with our company, you will only ever deal with one of the co-founders, Heath and Simon work personally with all their clients. No client or job is ever passed on to someone else. This gives the clients who work with You&Me Personalised Property Services peace of mind from the start. Our customers love having people that genuinely care about what they’re trying to achieve with their property goals.

We give you more options to choose from the Perth property market

We don’t have a one-stop-shop. We do not have in house brokers, surveyors, builders, financial planners etc. So, why is that a positive point of difference? Simple…. It means there is never a conflict of interest. You as the client will have options and you, as the client will never have to worry about paying a premium for an in house service. Our extensive knowledge of the Perth property market will give you access to more opportunities.

Buying Perth Real Estate is Now Hassle-Free

Our Buyers agent will work for you and with you

Our real estate buyer's agents will use key investment analysis to help you find the high-quality investment property you want. If needed, we can also bid at auctions on your behalf.

We’ll contact Perth selling agents to arrange property inspections if the property meets your criteria. With their extensive experience in real estate, and in the Perth local property market, our Perth buyer’s agents will inspect to see if the property poses risks to life and safety.

Our buyer’s agents in Perth will also enquire with other relevant authorities about building regulations, planning approval, and environmental approval that haven’t been addressed by Landgate. As master negotiators, our Perth buyer’s agent will ensure you get a great price for a property. Our goal is to get you the best possible price for your home, giving you peace of mind.

We’re Your Go-To Perth Buyer’s Agent

Our Perth buyer's agents are licensed real estate professionals with over 25 years of combined experience. We offer unbiased representation, giving you expert advice throughout the whole buying process. Our team does the hard work for you so you can access better Perth property investment.

More about us.

Perth property market: great opportunities in 2022

Property acquisition in Perth made easy for all types of buyers

Exceptional service and Outstanding results

Getting into an investment property or finding the right property at the right price can be difficult in a competitive market.

You&Me Personalised Property Services is a Perth buyer's agency that specialises in helping all types of property buyers get into property sooner, and for less.

Watch this video and see what our buyer's agents can do for you.

How Can a Perth Buyer's Agent Help you?

Why use a Perth Buyer's Agent?

Minimise risks with licensed Perth buyers agents

A Buyer's agent helps property buyers minimise risks

Buying a real estate property is one of the biggest financial commitments you can make during your lifetime. You want to ensure that it's a strategic and well-thought-out decision. With qualified and licensed Perth buyers advocates, you're minimising risks.

A buyer's agent works on behalf of the individual or group who wants to purchase a home or an investment property, at the right price.
It's similar to a real estate agent who primarily represents the property's seller.

Buyers agents experienced

Buyer's agents have years of experience in property investment

Finding a buyers agent that is experienced in a specific property market is necessary. You want the individual you work with to have a thorough knowledge of the property types and locations you're looking for.

If you're looking into property investment in Perth, you should partner with a Perth-based buyer's agency like You&Me Personalised Property Services. We have a proven track record and current knowledge of the surrounding property market.

How our process works

Perth Buyer's Agent services to help you buy or invest in property

Our 12 steps to make your property purchase a stress-free experience.

You Schedule a Consultation

Fill out our online form, send us an email, or give us a call to set up a consultation appointment. One of our co-founders will get in touch with you to schedule an initial meeting. We'll discuss your goals and requirements, ensuring we're all on the same path to success.

We Start Looking for Properties

We utilise our key investment analysis to ensure that you're making a high-quality investment before you purchase a property. We won't move forward with any property unless we feel confident.

We bid at auction for the buyer

Bidding at auctions is not common in Western Australia.

When needed, we also have the ability to bid at auctions on behalf of the buyer.

We inspect properties for the buyer

We will inspect properties on the behalf of the buyers, so they don't have to.

We have extensive experience in real estate, and we are familiar with properties inspections.

We get in touch with Perth selling agents

We’ll contact all the local selling agents and arrange property viewings when the property meets your criteria.

We'll include a description of the property, what’s special about it, the price, and when it’s available for sale.

We enquire to authorities

In addition, we will also enquire with other relevant authorities if there are any requirements that have not been addressed by Landgate.

Such as planning approval, building regulations, and environmental approvals.

Step 7: We negotiate on behalf of the buyer

We are master negotiators who are able to negotiate a great price for a property and give you peace of mind that you're getting the best possible price for your home.

We have helped many buyers save thousands of dollars by successfully negotiating better offers.

Step 8: We assist you with the wording

You might not be comfortable creating the terms of a contract. We'll take care of that for you, including all clauses of the contract.

We assist with the wording of special conditions in offer and acceptance contracts.

Step 9: We explain terms and conditions

We make sure that you, as the buyer, understand the terms and conditions in a property contract.

We guarantee full transparency in all contracts.

Step 10: We arrange inspections for the buyer

We arrange all the inspections for the buyer: building inspection, pest inspection and any other inspection required.

Step 11: We monitor the settlement process

Our main focus is to ensure that the gets the best service and is happy with the settlement.

What does the buyer need to do? Nothing at all.

Step 12: We stay involved until the end

We'll monitor the final inspection and stay in touch with the selling agent from start to finish.

You get ongoing support for the lifetime of your property investments.

Are you interested in getting into property investment? Perhaps, you're a first home buyer, or an experienced property investor?

Get in touch with us today!

Buyer's benefits with our buyer's agent services

Save time

Save time

Find a home or an investment property without spending your time on property.

You won't need to attend home opens (if you don't want to), and we'll research properties for you.

Get better opportunities

Get the best opportunities

Our extensive network allows us to find properties faster, even when they're off-market.

Avoid high competition and access to properties earlier.

Deal with the directors

Deal with the co-founders only

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, you'll only meet and deal with one of the Perth Buyer's Agents and two co-founders: Heath Bassett and Simon Deering. No middle man.

Read What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Thomas Phillips

Geniune caring professional service. I highly recommend You&Me Personalised Property.

I would use again.

Chris Pak

Moving interstate is always a challenge, but if you want it to be a smooth transition call Simon and Heath to get the job done.

5 star personal service.

Nathan Quinn

Simon and Heath were so good to deal with. Genuine people who deliver on a promise. If your looking to buy property in WA get in touch with the team that put you first.

Rhett Martini

Simon and Heath really CARE!
They treat your property transaction as if it were their own.
If you are looking for a a team that puts you first every time get in contact with them!

What Makes You&Me Personalised Property Services Different?

At other agencies in Perth, you'll get passed around from person to person as you work through your investment deal. At You&Me Personalised Property Services, you'll only deal with one of our co-founders, Simon or Heath. They work personally with all of their clients and never pass a job to another person.

That level of service ensures you'll have peace of mind throughout the entire process. We genuinely care about helping property buyers find the best property in Perth, at the right price and the right location. We're with you every step of the way.

Ready To Get Started Buying a Property in Perth?

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, property investor, or luxury property buyer, we're here for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Who can we help?

Property Investment analysis

A winning Strategy for your Success

We use Key Investment analysis to ensure the framework of the investment is in place before selecting the property.

The analysis is broken up into three categories:

  1. Macro – Property Cycle, Unemployment supply and demand Population Economic
  2. Micro – infrastructure Affordability Demographic Sales Data Vacancy rate
  3. Property – Location, land size, property size, benefits, Price and rental yield and the build.

To find out more about what buyer's agents can do for property buyers, check out this article about buying agents on Wikipedia.

Perth buyers agent Frequently asked questions

We started this business to make sure all our services were personalised. We only work with 50 clients a year and this ensures all our clients only ever deal with Heath and Simon (Myself) at all times.

We are buyers’ agents first and foremost. However we are licensed real estate agents and we provide an after-sales service to all of our clients that purchase through us.

A licensed real estate agent will work for the seller and make sure to get the best price when selling a property. On the other side, a buyers agent will only work for the property buyer.

We are not about being the biggest we are about being the best. In order to give our clients, the best we need to ensure they only ever deal with one if not both co-founders of the company. We have worked for the biggest companies in the past and when you go there you are met with a bed of conflict of interest, and you become another number in the system. You need to decide if you want to be a real, valued person or just another number.

In an industry dominated by agents representing the seller it is so important to have a professional who is legally employed to represent your best interests. Time, expertise negotiations.

We know a lot of agents stretching the whole of Perth metro, off market.

1)  Experience = We do this every day of the week and have more than 35 years practical experience

2)  Authentic Local Insights = We know if  property is overpriced and we know all the tactics top agents use, because we used them too!

3) Being where you can't be = Maybe you are a interstate buyer, a FIFO worker or you're out on deployment

4) Less stress = We will look at 100's and in some cases 1000's of properties for you, narrowing it down to ones that will work for you. We will do all the market research and when you are ready to make a offer on a property, we do all negotiations, contract clauses, inspection organising, attendance... Everything from start to settlement! You are armed with all the knowledge to bring you peace of mind regardless of the result.

5) Networks =  With more than 35 years of experience you can be we have some of if not the strongest networks Across this great country.

Property buyers have a lot to gain from the services of buyer’s agents. Buyers’ agents can help you save time and help you find the perfect home. They also negotiate the best price. They can remove stress and emotion from the home-buying process. Your local knowledge will allow you to understand the current market value. To find off-market opportunities in prestige realty, where discretion is the key and record prices are set, they should have strong connections with local agents.

We have bought properties that total tens of millions of dollars for clients all over Australia and international clients from Malaysia, Singapore and China.

We get paid an initial engagement fee, this allows us to research, reach out to our networks, door knock particular suburbs and property types, build reports and feedback, find the properties that suit your needs, put in offers, navigate everything from negotiation to settlement including clauses, price, inspections, and settlement. We then get paid the success fee once the property settles

  1. You schedule a free consultation
  2. We start looking for properties, sometimes hundreds
  3. We get in touch with Perth selling agents
  4. We door knock targeted properties
  5. We bid at auction for you if needed
  6. We inspect properties for you
  7. We enquire to real estate authorities
  8. We negotiate price and terms on behalf of you
  9. We assist you with the wording of contracts
  10. We explain terms and conditions
  11. We arrange inspections for you
  12. We stay involved until the end
  13. We monitor the settlement process
  14. We are with you to ask advice forever

The whole process costs change depending on the value of the property or acquisition, we start with an engagement fee, which allows us to reach out to networks, door knock certain properties, check our data base, create reports, attend inspections etc. Once we have successfully settled your property, a success fee is then payable. Please come chat to us for more accurate fees

We have our You&Me Guarantee in place, this keeps our clients satisfied that we are always keeping them front of mind in every opportunity. We start with a 3 month contract, our guarantee is that if we have not found you a property within the contract period* we will shave 20% off the fee. This ensures we are working towards securing you a property that suits your criteria, in the quickest time possible.

Absolutely, we go to open homes, off market opportunities, private inspections and even Auctions.

We have connections in the new home space also, and are happy to assist with this too, to save you money on the contract, by tendering out to multiple builders and building brokers.

The short answer is YES! We have not been defeated yet.

Yes, that is one of the key reasons a client comes to us, and we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to date.

Yes, we can. For out of Perth metro regions, if we need to book flights or a hotel, this will be added to the final price.

We love helping home owners! It can be a scary and daunting process. What to offer, what location to be in, longer term strategies, is this the right property and why, what clauses to have in a contract so you aren’t going in as the underdog etc There is nothing better than feeling the love and appreciation, guiding a first home owner through the process, and leaving a good taste in their mouth, to want to continue on and do a second, third and fourth property. … it’s a scary process if you don’t know what’s happening and what to do next.

We communicate regularly through calls, messages, WhatsApp, zoom. There is no set meeting days and times, we give a weekly briefing, but along the way, we communicate when we have a property of interest.

Correct! That’s a vital part of our service.

Yes, we can. We have helped many people in a hot market and continue to do so. The reason this can be achieved, is because we have the networks of agents, data base of people looking to sell now and into the future, we have a method to find off market opportunities, and we also search to find the diamond in the rough. Please note, this is not always the case, but with our extensive network, it is more likely.

Our commission comes directly from the buyer only. This way, we ensure that there is no outside influences or double dipping occurring, there is no conflict of interest, and we are only ever looking out for the buyer, at all times.

This is definitely case by case, and you should consult your accountant, but as a general rule, if you are buying an investment property, our fees are tax deductable.

We certainly can, there is no law against this.

You want an independent Buyer’s Agent who has a reputation for integritytrust and is committed to your best interestsBuyers advocates should have great local knowledge, credibility, and strong relationships with other agents in this market. Even better, a buyers’ advocate must have at least five years of experience. To ensure your buyer’s advocate is knowledgeable about property buying and investment strategies, as well as having strong negotiation skills, it’s important to check their background.

property buyer’s agent’s job, in short, is to represent the interests of a buyer in a transaction that occurs in the realm of real estate.

A buyer’s agent is an important facilitator in the home buying process. They act for their clients, helping them find and buy a house that fits their needs and budget. A buyer’s agent covers all the bases through the process to ensure the property is purchased in a fair, efficient, and reasonable manner, achieving the best possible outcome for the buyer. Unlike real estate agents, who primarily represent the seller of the property, a buyer’s agent’s job is to look after the buyer.

As the name suggests, a seller’s agent, or simply, a real estate agent, represents the needs and interests of the seller of a property. Real estate agents are hired by the homeowner who wishes to put their property on the market, and they will help navigate the sales process. It is the real estate agent’s name and a company that you see on the signage and home advertisements.

A seller’s agent must always act in the seller’s best interests, albeit they need to be fair to buyers as well.

If you acquire the services of a buyer’s agent for a ‘full service’, they will search out properties that meet the buyer’s criteria and negotiate the purchase of the property chosen, whether by private sale or auction. Depending on the client’s needs, a property buyer’s agent will look for one specific property or an entire portfolio.

The boxes that are ticked for a ‘full service’ include (but are not limited to):

  • Negotiate the property purchase price and terms of the contract
  • Oversee the contracts and exchange
  • Work with the conveyancer, through pre-settlement inspections
  • Conduct research on available listings
  • Inspect and short-list suitable properties, based on the needs of the client
  • Evaluate recent sales data and provide a written appraisal
  • Attend and oversee settlement, in tandem with conveyancer
  • Oversee and arrange due diligence such as building inspectionspestsurvey and engineering reports

Alternatively, some buyers may also engage buyer’s agents purely to bid for them at the property auction, for a home they have already expressed interest in.

If you intend to live in the property, you, the buyer can't claim stamp duty as a tax deduction.

If you're an investor, generally, you can’t claim an income tax deduction for stamp duty on your investment property when you buy it. More information here.

The You&Me Guarantee

If we have not presented you with a property that matches your description within 3 months, we wipe 20% off your fee. If we haven't found you a property after 6 months: we'll do it for FREE.
Please note, this means if we can not find you a property that matches our initial key points and descriptions through our Discovery Meeting. We take no responsibility for providing property opportunities that match your criteria, but are continually knocked back.

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