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FIFO workers, we have your back too!

Heath Bassett is the Co-founder at You&Me Personalised Property Services.

Being an ex-FIFO himself, he's spent 6 years working away in the mines and he knows how precious time is when you’re home with friends and family.

Heath knows waht are the challenges of being FIFO. He's been there! He personally knows how hard it is to find the time to search for your next home, investment property or strategy to build a successful property portfolio.

About my experience as a FIFO worker

After I purchased my first property at 20, I decided to go to the mines at a point in my life and had expendable income that I didn’t know what to do with.

Since then, I have been buying, selling and investing in real estate. Between myself and the co-founder Simon Deering, we have bought and sold our own properties as well as being residential sales agents and licensees, where we have had the privilege of helping 1000’s of people buy and sell.

Are you in this situation?

Perhaps you are living out of Western Australia, still working in the mines, and want to invest in what we, and top economists believe, is the best state to buy into for years to come?

Maybe it’s just a case of you don’t know where to find help, what to look for or who to trust with your money?

We work hard for you!

It’s a hot market in Perth, and we have been calling it for over a year, since the dead-end of the Perth property market. Imagine, you are away at work, and a property that fits your criteria, budget, and needs, comes on the market, but you can’t go look at it for 2 weeks.

What do you do? Well, your options are to put an offer in sight unseen, which is risky and not recommended, hope it is there on your return to Perth, which, in this market is not likely, or you hire a company who has the knowledge and expertise in this.

Let us take the hard work out of it!

Get premium real estate investment services

Some of the strategies we can assist with are:

  • Finding an established home here in Perth
  • Subdivisions
  • Self-Managed Super Fund
  • NDIS
  • Custom built house and land
  • Duplex, triplex and boutique townhouse developments
  • Renovations through project management
  • Rural

Whatever you need, we can certainly help you.

Benefits of using You&Me Personalised Property Services:

A strategic approach to property investment

Consultation with founders of You&Me Personalised Property Services

Tailored identification of state-wide investment opportunities

Comprehensive market and property analysis reports

Cashflow estimates based on the property price, rental yield and expenses

Objective negotiations for superior outcomes

Personalised, end-to-end contract management

Unbiased advice and representation from the directors

Ongoing mentoring and support for the lifetime of the investment

Are you a FIFO worker who needs investment advice?

We are fully qualified to help you with your investment goals.

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