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What are property syndicates?

Property syndicates are often structured as an investment club, where the members contribute a fixed amount each month. Members then vote on what properties they wish to invest in. The property syndicate will then buy those properties from the developer or agent.

Property syndicates: great networks of smart investors

This is an exceptional way to leverage and pool money together with like-minded individuals to invest in property.

Take advantage of our extensive network

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we leverage our extensive property syndicates network to put you in touch with the right people and the right projects for you to invest in.

Our expertise will help you maximise your profits

You're not alone! Whether you are looking to get into a small battle-axe development or looking to do a multi-site development we have the experience to provide you with the best opportunities maximising your rewards and limiting your risk.

See how our Perth buyer's agent services can help you minimise risks.

5 Benefits of Property Syndication

  1. Get into the market quicker. Involving yourself with other investors ensures you don’t have to wait to purchase the opportunity.
  2. Build your investment goals faster! While the initial amount of profit may be smaller due to sharing the wealth, you are also able to turn investments over faster which allows you to build your portfolio faster.
  3. Diversify your risk. By investing in multiple property syndicates, you are effectively diversifying and lowering your potential of risk. The key is to purchase different investments and use different syndicates. Done smartly with the right guidance this is a relatively risk-averse way of creating cash flow opposed to doing it by yourself.
  4. Less Cashflow required. With multiple investors in the syndicate, you can leverage your buying and borrowing capacity. Usually in property, buying in blue-chip, high demand suburbs are the safest way to turn profit, but if you don’t have that kind of money you are limited to less desirable areas and higher areas for risk.
  5. Time-Saving: Being a part of a syndicate means you are not doing all the leg work, searching for different properties, different suburbs and so on. We do all the research for you and put you in touch with like-minded individuals to make the dreams a reality. We offer advice and can put you in touch with financial planners, accountants, developers etc that we have no financial gain with, which ensures there is never a conflict of interest.

Benefits of using You&Me Personalised Property Services for your property syndication:

A strategic approach to property investment

Consultation with founders of You&Me Personalised Property Services

Tailored identification of state-wide investment opportunities

Comprehensive market and property analysis reports

Cashflow estimates based on the property price, rental yield and expenses

Objective negotiations for superior outcomes

Personalised, end-to-end contract management

Unbiased advice and representation from the directors

Ongoing mentoring and support for the lifetime of the investment

Need advice with Property Syndication?

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