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You&Me Guarantee: No property found after 3 months: 20% off. After 6 months: No fee.

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Our guarantee

The best Brisbane buyer's agency guarantee!

If we haven’t presented the right properties to you in the first 3 months, you get 20% off the total fee. If we don’t get it done within 6 months you won’t pay a fee at all!

Buy Brisbane Property

Find your next home in Brisbane when you work with expert Brisbane buyer's agent Daniel Rich from You&Me Personalised Property Services.

Professional Buyer's Agents in Brisbane to help you find your next property.

Choose The Top Property Buyer's Agency In Brisbane

Discover your dream home in Brisbane when you choose our dream team.

You&Me Personalised Property Services has partnered with Daniel Rich, Brisbane Lions football star and leading buyer's agent in Brisbane, to bring you exclusive, one-of-a-kind properties that you will love.

Contact our trusted Brisbane buyer's agency today to begin your search.

What makes our Brisbane buyer's agency so different?

Are you looking for a buyers agent who will only look after your best interests?

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we work for the property buyer only. We don't work with any third-party company, so we can make sure to get the best outcome for you only.

One of the best guarantees on the Brisbane property market

Our You&Me Guarantee is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to buy a property in Brisbane or Queensland.

If we haven't presented the right properties to the buyer within the first 3 months: 20% off our total fee.

If we don't get it done within the first 6 months: no fee at all!

Check out our YouTube video to see us discussing our guarantee..

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Brisbane buyers agent Daniel Rich

Our Buyer's Agents In Brisbane Are Here For You Every Step Of The Way

Many factors go into purchasing your new home, and it can feel more overwhelming than you might realise, but we are here to help.

Together with Daniel Rich, we will guide you through the entire process, from finding the perfect home to negotiating the right price and everything in between.

We act as your buyer's advocate to ensure that you are treated fairly, to ensure you have the upper hand when dealing with selling agents, and making a smart investment. We will handle everything from property searches and inspections to closing the deal.

Buy apartment Brisbane with Daniel Rich-Brisbane buyers agent
Buy your apartment in Brisbane with Daniel Rich, your Brisbane buyers agent

Why It Is Essential To Partner With A Trusted Buyer's Agency In Brisbane

When buying a home in Brisbane, one of the most important life decisions you'll make is which buyer's agent to use. Your agent plays an important role in reducing your risk throughout the process. Find out why choosing the right agency for your search is essential.

We Are A Brisbane Buyer's Advocate

Seller's agents are there to protect the best interests of their clients, not yours. When you choose our experienced buyers agency, we'll ensure that your interests are represented, and you are treated fairly while negotiating a great price.

Gain Access To More Properties

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we have access to some of the most exclusive properties in the city, giving you more options to choose from. This allows you to get more value out of your investment and find a home that truly speaks to you.

Make A Smarter Investment

When you work with an experienced buyer's agent, we use in-depth market research and extensive property analysis to determine a fair value for your potential home. Then we will help you create an educated offer, adding clauses into the contract, that sellers will be happy to accept, but will leave you with the upper hand.

What Makes Us The Best Buyer's Agents In Brisbane?

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we are proud to be one of the top buyer's agents in the country, due to our commitment to our customers and ability to negotiate exceptional deals.

See why our clients continue to choose us, and why we have repeat business.

We Bring Years Of Experience To The Table

Daniel Rich has been buying, selling and investing in Brisbane properties for more than 14 years, during his career as a defender for the Brisbane Lions. When combined with the team at You&Me Personalised Property Services, you have a team that can't be beaten.

The Local Experience property buyers Need

The city of Brisbane is an excellent place to live, with its more than 2,000 parks, excellent job opportunities, and great schools. However, the housing market in this city is highly competitive. We have the local insights and knowledge you need to navigate this challenging market with ease.

We Work Directly With You

When you choose You&Me Personalised Property Services, you will be working directly with Daniel Rich and our two founders to find the best property for you.

We Make The Entire Process A Breeze

Buying real estate can be complicated and stressful, but we will manage the entire process for you. All you have to do is choose your home from our options and show up for the closing. We will handle the rest. We offer prompt communication and are happy to answer any questions.

How Our Brisbane Buyer's Agent Services Work

Our Buyers agent will work for you and with you

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We'll start by getting to know you, your family, and your budget. This will help us determine what you are looking for and what is most important to you.  You get to know about the founders of the business, Daniel Rich, why the business was started and our unique point of difference. If we are happy with each other, we will move forward into paperwork signing and deep dive session.

Step 2: The Search Process

Once we know what you are looking for, we'll search for the perfect property. This may include buying a home off market, directly from the buyer or attending a buyer's auction or open home inspections. We thoroughly vet each property before showing it to our buyers.

Step 3: Securing Your Property

After we have found your property, we'll do our due diligence to ensure that it is a good investment, the numbers work for you and your situation, then we make an offer. This includes performing all the inspections for you, reports, analytics, and video reports, so you don't have to worry. We'll also contact the local authorities to ensure there are no restrictions, covenants or easements on the property.

Step 4: Love Your Home

After we've inspected the property and negotiated a price, all that's left to do is settle. After monitoring the settlement process, reminding you of your role in the process such as initial deposits, keeping in touch with your broker and settlement agent, to ensure a smooth transition, so you can move in and begin making new memories. Contact us today to get the process started.

We’re Your Go-To Brisbane Buyer’s Agency

Our Brisbane buyer's agents are licensed real estate professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. We work for the buyer only, and give you the best possible advice to buy your Brisbane property.

More about Daniel Rich.

More opportunities in the Brisbane market

Property acquisition in Brisbane

Buy your property at the best price

Buying an investment property or home is time-consuming. Finding the right property at the right price is not easy, mainly in a competitive real estate market.

You&Me Personalised Property Services is a Brisbane buyer's agency designed to help property buyers get into property faster without overpaying.

See what our Brisbane buyer's agent Daniel Rich can do for you.

About Daniel Rich

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we are proud to announce that football star, Daniel Rich, has joined our team as our Head of Property in Queensland.

In addition to his illustrious football career for the Brisbane Lions, Daniel Rich has more than 14 years of experience buying, selling and investing in Brisbane property. As a local resident himself, he knows the community inside and out and can help you find the perfect neighbourhood. He takes pride in helping his clients find their forever homes, so they can begin building the lives they've always dreamt of.

Daniel Rich Brisbane buyers agent
Daniel Rich, Brisbane Buyer's Agent and Head of Property Acquisitions Queensland

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thomas Phillips

Geniune caring professional service. I highly recommend You&Me Personalised Property.

I would use again.

Chris Pak

Moving interstate is always a challenge, but if you want it to be a smooth transition call Simon and Heath to get the job done.

5 star personal service.

Nathan Quinn

Simon and Heath were so good to deal with. Genuine people who deliver on a promise. If your looking to buy property in WA get in touch with the team that put you first.

Rhett Martini

Simon and Heath really CARE!
They treat your property transaction as if it were their own.
If you are looking for a a team that puts you first every time get in contact with them!

How Much Do Our Buyer's Agent Fees In Brisbane Cost?

The cost of your buyer's fees will depend on the property you choose. These fees will include a small commitment fee and a success fee when you purchase your property. Contact us today to learn more about our transparent fee structures.

Looking to buy property investment in Brisbane? Are you a first home buyer, or an experienced property investor?

Contact Daniel Rich today!

Why using our buyer's agent services

Save time

Save time

We'll do the home opens, inspections, and research properties for you. So you don't have to.

Get better opportunities

More opportunities

We have an extensive network in Brisbane and greater Brisbane. Find more properties faster while avoiding competition.

Deal with the directors

Deal with Daniel Rich

You'll only meet and deal with one of our experienced Brisbane buyer's agent. No junior staff.

Why buy your next property with You&Me Personalised Property Services?

With You&Me Personalised Property Services, you'll only deal with Daniel Rich or one of the co-founders. We make sure to provide property buyers with the best possible experience.

We guarantee a personalised experience and peace of mind throughout the full process. We have only one goal in mind: helping you, the buyer.

Do you need the best team to buy property in Brisbane?

Property investors, first home buyers and luxury property buyers get into property faster with our services.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you.

Who can we help?

Helping all types of buyers get into Brisbane Property

  • Brisbane buyers
  • Interstate buyers
  • FIFO buyers
  • International buyers
  • Military buyers
  • Expat buyers

Property Investment analysis

A winning Strategy for your Success

We use Key Investment analysis to ensure the framework of the investment is in place before selecting the property.

The analysis is broken up into three categories:

  1. Macro – Property Cycle, Unemployment supply and demand Population Economic
  2. Micro – infrastructure Affordability Demographic Sales Data Vacancy rate
  3. Property – Location, land size, property size, benefits, Price and rental yield and the build.

To find out more about what buyer's agents can do for property buyers, check out this article about buying agents on Wikipedia.

Brisbane Buyer's agents

The smartest way to buy Brisbane property.

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Brisbane buyers agent Frequently asked questions

One of the most frequent question property investors ask us is:

How much do your buyer's agent services cost?

Our buyer's agent fee depends on the value of the property or acquisition. First, we start with an engagement fee. The engagement fee allows us to:

  • Reach out to our extensive network
  • Look at and doorknock properties
  • Collect information from our database
  • Create extensive reports
  • Inspect properties

After settlement, we charge a success fee. You can find out more about our fees when you book your obligation-free 45-minute discovery meeting.

We offer a free 45-minute discovery meeting where you can ask all your questions about our process, our fees and our recommendations.

Absolutely! Our buyer's agency helps all types of property buyers:

  • First home buyers
  • Property investors
  • Interstate property investors
  • Interstate buyers wanting to relocate to Brisbane or Queensland
  • International buyers wanting to invest in Brisbane or Queensland

Brisbane's real estate market is highly competitive due to high demand and limited supply.

With that in mind, using a buyer's agent is often a smart decision. With a buyer's agent, you get years of experience at your service, for your own benefit:

  • No emotion during negotiations
  • Your interest comes first
  • No third-party involved
  • Years of experience in real estate
  • Help you avoid pitfalls

There are so many advantages when using a professional buyer's agent in Brisbane.

If you would like to find out more, book your free discovery meeting (online or face-to-face).

How to know if the buyers agent you're hiring is the best buyers agent in Brisbane?

It depends on several criteria. But at You&Me Personalised Property Services, we believe that giving the best service to property buyers is what makes you the best buyers agent in Brisbane.

We are fully committed to helping you, the buyer. From hello to settlement, we guarantee constant communication and always a positive outcome for the property buyer.

We offer one of the best buyer's agency guarantees on the Brisbane market: the You&Me Guarantee

If we haven't found a property that fits your criteria within the first 3 months, you get 20% off the total fee. If we haven't found a property that matches your criteria after 6 months, we will do it for free!

The You&Me Guarantee

If we have not presented you with a property that matches your description within 3 months, we wipe 20% off your fee. If we haven't found you a property after 6 months: we'll do it for FREE.
Please note, this means if we can not find you a property that matches our initial key points and descriptions through our Discovery Meeting. We take no responsibility for providing property opportunities that match your criteria, but are continually knocked back.

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