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Development capital raising

Capital Raising for developments is a very easy and secure way of getting a return on your investment.

With more than 30 years of experience between the two directors at You&Me Personalised Property Services, as real estate professionals and property buyer's agents, we can provide you with guaranteed returns on your capital investment.

Perhaps you fit into one of the below scenario’s?

  • You have a sum of cash sitting in the bank and you are not looking to invest in a property or a development as such, but you are looking for a better return than what the banks are providing for you?
  • You are not quite ready to start a development, but you are looking at getting a 5-8% return for the money you have?
  • Banks consider you as a high-risk candidate and won’t consider your situation for a loan, but you want a return on your capital!

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Whatever the circumstances, we can steer you in the right direction, matching you with developers who have a proven track record in delivering excellence, with a guaranteed ROI at a lucrative rate of between 6-8%.

Benefits of using You&Me Personalised Property Services:

A strategic approach to property investment

Consultation with founders of You&Me Personalised Property Services

Tailored identification of state-wide investment opportunities

Comprehensive market and property analysis reports

Cashflow estimates based on the property price, rental yield and expenses

Objective negotiations for superior outcomes

Personalised, end-to-end contract management

Unbiased advice and representation from the directors

Ongoing mentoring and support for the lifetime of the investment

Do you want to Raise your Capital?

We are fully qualified to help you with your investment goals.

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