Why interstate property buyers trust us

Why interstate buyers trust our buyer’s agency

Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett


Buyer's agent and co-founder

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    You&Me Personalised Property Services: The Most Trusted Buyer’s Agents in Perth

    G’day everyone, I’m Heath Bassett, one of the co-founders of You&Me Personalised Property Services, one of the most trusted buyer’s agency in Perth. For these who don’t know us yet, this is what we do: we are dedicated to helping our clients buy Perth property from interstate, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted and genuine buyer’s agency in Perth with honest and hard working agents.

    Helping our client find the right property

    I want to share a story about one of our eastern states buyers, Pauline, who came to us with a budget of $400,000 for an investment property. Known as one of Perth’s most trusted buyer’s agents, we always tell the truth.

    I had to inform her that her budget wasn’t sufficient for the metro Perth market. However, as a genuine buyer’s agency in Perth, we were determined to help her find the right property.

    Perth property market keeps moving
    The Perth property market keeps moving

    Adapting to the Changing Market

    Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the market had moved from $400,000 to $420,000. Pauline adjusted her budget, and our team of honest and hard working agents continued to search for the perfect property.

    As Perth property experts, we understand the challenges of buying here, especially in the Perth metro area, from interstate.

    Securing a Great Deal

    Eventually, we found Pauline a property in regional WA:

    • Double story
    • Four-bedroom
    • Two-bathroom home on a
    • 1,000 square meter block
    • Zoned for subdivision

    A big part of our jo is to negotiate the best possible deal for our clients. For this property, we were able to negotiate a great deal, securing the property for $450,000, around $50,000 under market value.

    We even managed to get a $20,000 patio installed and two brand new split system air conditioners.

    Building Trust and Fostering Relationships

    Pauline was thrilled with the outcome, and it’s a testament to the trust she placed in us, as a leading local buyer’s agency in Perth.

    Since then, Pauline has referred property buyers to us, including a buyer who can’t speak English very well. The combination of our real estate expertise and professional approach enabled us to overcome language differences and achieve outstanding outcomes.

    Our Commitment to Our Clients

    At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we’re committed to creating value, building trust, and fostering relationships with our clients. Our commitment to being leading and trusted buyer’s agents in Perth, we go above and beyond to help our clients buy Perth property from interstate.

    Why Choose You&Me Personalised Property Services?

    When you choose You&Me Personalised Property Services, you’re choosing:

    • Trusted buyer’s agents in Perth
    • Honest and hard working agents
    • Experts in helping clients buy Perth property from interstate
    • A team dedicated to creating value, building trust, and fostering relationships

    Do you need help to buy a property in Perth?

    If you’re looking for a genuine buyer’s agency in Perth with honest and hard working agents, please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your property goals.

    We’re here to make your property dreams a reality, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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    Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

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