Celebrating a 5th-Time Investor's Success Story

Another success story with a fifth time property investor

Perth Buyer's Agent Simon Deering


Buyer's agent and co-founder

G’day, everyone! Heath Bassett here, alongside the other co-founder Simon Deering from You&Me Personalised Property Services, the buyer’s agency made for you: the buyer.

We’re excited to share with you an incredible success story featuring one of our valued clients who has just achieved a significant milestone in their property investment journey.

A Milestone Achievement: 5th Property Purchase

This particular client has been with us for five property purchases, and today, we’re happy to give you an update on their latest win, which comes just 18 months after we helped them secure a fantastic deal.

Caramar, Western Australia: A Hidden Gem

The property in question is located in the suburb of Carramar, Western Australia. At the time of purchase, our expert team managed to negotiate a price that was approximately $30,000 to $40,000 below market value. Our client was able to acquire this impressive four-bedroom, two-bathroom home with 200m² of living space on a substantial 700m² block of land for just $580,000.

Simon, could you please share with our audience the key attributes that make this property and suburb stand out?

Carramar property purchase-40K under market value

Exceptional Amenities and Infrastructure

Absolutely, Heath! This property is situated in a peaceful neighbourhood, surrounded by modern homes and a high proportion of owner-occupiers. Carramar is an exceptional suburb that boasts outstanding amenities and infrastructure, all conveniently located within close proximity to the property.

Expertise in Action: Identifying Opportunities

Our team’s extensive market knowledge and research capabilities enabled us to identify this opportunity and secure the property for our client at $40,000 under the estimated market value of $620,000. Negotiating with private sellers is a scenario we always hope for in our industry, and we were delighted to finalise the purchase at $580,000.

Remarkable Capital Growth: $239,000 in 19 Months

The resale of the property

Now, let’s fast-forward to just last month, when our client reached out to us expressing their interest in obtaining a cash-on-cash return on one of their investment properties. Upon thoroughly reviewing their portfolio, we concluded that the Carramar property was the most suitable option.

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we keep our licences up to date and active, allowing us to also assist in selling properties (for past clients).

We proceeded to list the property on the open market, and we’re excited and proud to announce that it recently sold for an astounding $819,000! This represents a remarkable capital growth of approximately $239,000 in just 19 months – this is a proof of the effectiveness of our investment strategies and the exceptional service we provide to our clients.

We can help resell properties
We can help resell properties

Our Commitment to Under-Promising and Over-Delivering

This success story is just one of many that we’ve had the pleasure of facilitating at You&Me Personalised Property Services. We’ve assisted numerous clients in recycling their equity and capitalising on the substantial capital growth they’ve achieved through strategic property investments. Our commitment to under-promising and over-delivering is at the core of our business philosophy.

Heath, I can only imagine how much they wish they had invested in multiple properties like this one!

It’s Never Too Late to Start or Expand Your Portfolio

You’re absolutely right, Simon! It’s a sentiment we hear often, but the good news is that it’s never too late to start or expand your property portfolio.

For anyone looking for expert assistance in property investment or finding the perfect family home, the team at You&Me Personalised Property Services is here to help.

Our Comprehensive Buyer’s Agent Services

We offer a comprehensive range of buyer’s agent services designed to help our clients and ensure their success in the property market:

  1. Investment Analysis
  2. Auction Bidding
  3. Property Inspections
  4. Local Market Expertise
  5. Authority Enquiries
  6. Expert Negotiations
  7. Contract Wording Assistance
  8. Transparent Explanations
  9. Comprehensive Inspections
  10. Settlement Monitoring
  11. Ongoing Support

Become Part of Our Property Success Family

Get in touch to find out more about our buyers agent services
Get in touch to find out more about our buyers agent services

At You&Me Personalised Property Services, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their property goals, whether they’re experienced investors or first-time homebuyers. Our comprehensive buyer’s agent services are designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of the property buying process, allowing our clients to focus on their dreams while we handle the hard work and the details.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your property journey, we invite you to reach out to the expert team at You&Me Personalised Property Services. Together, we can unlock the door to your property success story.

Until next time, happy investing!

Perth Buyer's Agent Simon Deering

Buyer's Agent, Co-Founder at You&Me Personalised Property Services

Helping property buyers get into Perth and Brisbane property faster and for less.

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