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Success story with property buyers

Hi everyone, it’s Heath from You&Me Personalised Property Services, and obviously with Simon again we’re chatting success stories. And if you noticed, I said success stories with the plural.

This is the fourth time the client bought a property with our buyer’s agent services

Ian was looking for a property, he’s come back for his fourth purchase in 12 months. Now I’ll pass it over to Simon and he can discuss it but it’s no coincidence that someone comes back for repeat business and we get that a lot. Our buyer’s agent services are designed to help all types of property buyers.

But this one is special.

Nice property bathroom-Perth property
Nice property bathroom-Perth property

We are trusted by property investors

Yes, I mean, they’re all special. You know, Ian and his family have entrusted us with four purchases in the last 12 months. It’s been for his siblings as well. So very, very important. And helping them off with a start and maintaining a portfolio as well and maintaining their lifestyle. But I guess this one was exceptional because there were two parts to it.

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The property they were after was over 2 million Dollars

Less buyers, limited options

And the first part was on the acquisition on the buy: clients looking at a property that was north of two and a half million dollars. We started negotiations at 2 million. So you could imagine if you own that house and you were expecting over two and a half million and you get some oldish now real estate person in myself come and present and offer at least $500,000 under.

Perth property market knowledge

You can imagine how it was. But we also knew that with this acquisition, the agent had found it difficult to get people into the home. They were only doing it exclusively by appointment, which can make things quite difficult. When you’re in a market where there’s not hundreds of buyers, obviously north of two and a half million dollars, you don’t have hundreds of buyers yet you’re limited to a smaller pool, but that smaller pool of buyers can obviously buy and our clients are in that buying position.

Negotiate the price for our client

So negotiations for this one went on for three weeks and we were able to get the property successfully negotiated at $2,250,000, a quarter of $1,000,000 under asking price. Well and truly under the market value of the property.

I was going to go on to say, you know, we talk about successes, but, you know, it was always over $2.5 million, thereabouts. Where do you actually think the property sat in the market? So we can say we save $250k, but real terms.

In real estate, timing is crucial

Look, I mean we’re that buying in that price range and other sorts of properties that can stay on the market for anywhere from 6 to 12 months and get 2.6 million. I mean, when they bought this property five years ago, they’ve gone and spent $500,000 on renovations and upgrades. You know, that the property, the home itself, something like 300 odd square meters under the main roof, then you’ve got 150 square meters of entertaining outdoor pizza ovens and bars, fridges. Outdoor settings.

And the land space, you know, a six foot limestone wall that goes to hectares around the property.

So, you bought a castle?

We make sure to know every bit of information before we negotiate

Well, yeah. Look, it wasn’t far off, but of course, when we’re negotiating all this. Yeah, I’m playing with you, play everything down was like, Oh, great. You want two and a half million dollars and you want to sit here for six months and sell the property at two and a half, That’s fantastic. But, you know, your owners are in a position where you’ve already told me that they’ve already bought another property.

So they’re going to have two mortgages to pay off. And in the last three months they’ve had another two interest rate rises. Do they want to have two mortgages to pay off in the hope that they might get an extra 250 grand?

Beautiful Perth property acquisition Success story
Beautiful Perth property acquisition Success story

This is why property buyers love our services

So, it’s all about leverage and putting some pressure on turning the screws and never disclosing where we were at because, you know, as far as that agent was concerned, we were never ever entertaining anyway, me two and a half, and we were just going to keep negotiating until they either got sick of us and pulled it or realized that if they want to move on in life and not have to have that concern of two mortgages, they’ve got to cut some losses and sell for a little bit below market value given the fact that they had made a profit as well.

Real estate is all about winning

Yeah, so real estate’s all about wins here. And if you can get every party feeling like they’ve had a win, more often than not, you’ll get a deal.

And obviously taking the emotion out of it, obviously using a third party.


Because the client absolutely loved this home more than anything, almost more than their children. It was just it was perfect. It is perfect for them. But then the second side of it is obviously, you know, we focus as buyers agents, but we are licensed real estate agents and, you know, obviously when our clients deal with us as trusted advisers, if they ever do go to sell their homes, they only ever want they only ever want Heath and I to sell their home.

We are also licenced real estate agents

So we were able to list a client’s house market value of around 1.32. We were able to sell it for 1.375. In terms, very favourable to our clients.

And yeah, look, I mean, our clients couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be happier for them and for us, the trust and having the confidence to keep coming back because we keep delivering is something that we hold very special.

We will work for any property buyer

And I guess, look, if you’re watching this in your limited at $500,000 or $300,000, don’t think that you can’t use our buyer’s agents services.

I can’t call these guys because we don’t discriminate against price. A whole business philosophy is to work with likeminded people. We have a passion for real estate. We’ve got a passion for helping. If you’re a first home buyer, you’re young and you’re trying to get build a portfolio and you want to get a better understanding, pick up the phone like we will deal with absolutely everyone.

As long as you’re one of those 50 clients that we deal with in the year.

Simon Deering and Heath Bassett-Perth buyer's agents
Simon Deering and Heath Bassett-Perth buyer’s agents

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You lovely, right. Beautiful success story. Thank you for listening. And like Simon said, if you want to know any more information, pick up the phone and give us a text, a call or email. Until next time, happy investing.

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