Success story with an international client from Austria

Success Story with an international buyer from Austria

Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett


Buyer's agent and co-founder

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    Hello, everyone. I’m Heath from You&Me Personalised Property Services, and I really enjoy these videos showcasing our clients’ success stories. Why do I like them so much? It’s because as a team, we’ve worked together from the beginning to the end, and once again, we’ve achieved great results. We couldn’t have done it without all of you, and we appreciate each and every one of you. We care about you all. Our buyer’s agency is designed for all types of buyers, including international buyers.

    Heath Bassett is our co-founder at YouandMe Personalised Property Services
    Heath Bassett is our co-founder at YouandMe Personalised Property Services

    Unique client story

    International client based in Austria, Europe

    Today’s story is a bit unique, and we embrace uniqueness. It involves our client, Sam, who I’d describe as an Australian living in Austria. He reached out to me unexpectedly after stumbling upon our YouTube videos. He had thoroughly reviewed our work and was impressed with everything. Sam said, “You guys are the perfect fit for me.” After a conversation with Sam, we connected really well, and I appreciated his perspective.

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    Austria, great European destination
    Austria, a great European destination

    Partnership and negotiation

    We negotiate for our clients, for a better outcome

    Sam had some excellent insights into the property market, and it was clear that he valued my input as well. So, we quickly formed a partnership, signed the necessary documents, and Sam expressed his desire for me to handle the property negotiations. He said, “I want you to negotiate on our behalf,” and we agreed on a fee that worked for both of us.

    Property search and discovery

    After sealing the deal, Sam was on the hunt for a more affordable option, aiming for a property around $300,000 with the intention of short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb. We located a potential property and wasted no time in getting in touch with the agent. I had a conversation with the agent, who informed me that the property had only been on the market for a day or two. I promptly visited the property, and Sam emphasized, “Don’t let this opportunity slip away.” He highlighted that it had excellent potential, with a high occupancy rate of around 97%, and it was located in Mount Lawley, just north of Perth’s city center. The property was listed at offers over $275,000.

    Negotiation and property inspection

    We always inspect the property and never outsource

    Sam made it clear that he didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. He said, “Mate, if you can secure this for $275,000, I’m happy with the price, let’s go for it.” Following some negotiations, I thoroughly inspected the property. At our buyer’s agency, we never place our clients in a property that we haven’t personally visited. So, we went to the property, took a look, and I was genuinely impressed with its layout.

    Property details

    The property had one bedroom and one bathroom, but it met the intended purpose as a budget-friendly option. It had a strong rental history with a 97% occupancy rate. Eventually, we managed to secure the property for $265,000. During negotiations, the agent mentioned that this price didn’t include any furniture. I firmly responded, “No way, mate. We’re going with $265,000, and it’s a cash deal.”

    Inclusive furniture deal

    Getting more for our client

    That $265,000 included all the furniture needed for the Airbnb setup. They had recently purchased new appliances, a new bed, throw rugs, and various other furnishings. So, despite the initial listing being “offers over $275,000” without furniture, we successfully negotiated and secured the property for $265,000, with all the furnishings included.

    Smooth settlement and client success

    Finalising the property acquisition

    The settlement process was quick and smooth, with a 30-day turnaround that worked well for all parties involved. It was a successful outcome, and Sam played a significant role by identifying the property, while our negotiation efforts sealed the deal. I believe it’s a joint victory, a testament to the strong relationships we build with our clients. We take pride in maintaining excellent rapport with every client we work with. Great job, Sam!

    Client-centric approach

    We work exclusively for the property buyer

    Our approach is quite selective. We only work with 50 clients per year, and we choose to collaborate with those we genuinely enjoy working with, and the feeling is mutual. Our clients select us because they trust us and appreciate the quality of our work. Our reviews speak volumes about our service, proving that it’s not just what we say about ourselves, but what our clients have to say that truly matters.

    Get in touch for your next property acquisition

    If you’re interested in any information or if you’d like to become our next success story as a client, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us by phone, send a text, drop us an email, or join our virtual meetings.

    Until next time, happy investing!

    Contact our Perth buyers agency today
    Contact our Perth buyers agency today
    Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

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