Subdividing land in WA

How to Successfully Subdivide

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Subdivision: a great way to maximise profits

Subdividing in Perth

Have you ever wondered about ways to make money in the property market, and thought “ there has to be a better way to do it than waiting for the capital growth, and cycles of a market”?

Subdivision is one of many ways to make your money work for me, and at You&Me Personalised Property Services, we are hot on this topic! Get more information about R-Codes with this article.

Please see a few tips on how to Successfully Sub Divide after finding the right property, taking in mind soil type, land size, location, zoning and price!

Subdividing land in Western Australia

Subdivision costs


Establishing a price point for your subdivision is the first place to start. Depending on what title you are looking to obtain will depend on the cost of the title. Green title, survey strata or built strata all carry different costs. It is important to study the suburb and know how much each title would correlate to the new land/build worth. This helps determine which title is best to apply for.

Surveying land

Use a licensed Surveyor

The importance of using a quality experienced surveyor cannot be under-estimated. The information required for your subdivision is critical. Obvious information such as the size of the title and proposed titles also comes with a number of variables such as location of services, land contours, retaining, street scape, buildings and trees.

Connecting services

Key Services

These include Water, Gas, Electricity and sewerage. When you subdivide there are rules around how services need to be connected and accessed. Depending on your subdivision i.e., Survey Strata or Green Title, the services and connectivity will all come at a cost and if you are not up to speed with this it can really blow out your budget while adding unnecessary extensions to the timeline of your project.

Houses under construction during subdivision

Subdividing with the right contractors

Management and Contractors

When you start a subdivision there will be different trades required for different aspects of the subdivision. You can use a project manager to organise this process, or you can do it yourself. The key to success here is using experienced contractors with a history of good reviews. Depending on the shape, contour and access of the block for subdivision you could see trades involving and not limited to, earthworks, plumbing, electrical, fencing, concreting and tree removal.

Land in the process of being subdivided

Get several quotes


Make sure in a market that is always moving, you have more than 1 quote. Don’t get caught up with all in one shops as you pay a premium on their services and have no reference for value and it is somewhat a conflict of interest. By obtaining individual quotes for the works to be carried out you will increase your knowledge and create a team that you put together instead of working with someone else’s team.

Buyer’s agent and subdivision

We help buyers to plan their subdivision

At You&Me Personalised Property Services we can help you find a property that fits the criteria, and do all the above!

The biggest difference is we will source your professional team from our many connections in our trusted network, then you will decide and sign off on who makes the final team. We then project manage the process to allow you to focus on the things you do best, and of course creating extra time for your lifestyle.

For more information or to see how we work towards building you a better lifestyle, please get in contact with the team at You&Me Personalised Property Services.

Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

Property Buyer's Agent and Co-Founder at You&Me Personalised Property Services

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