Relocate to WA success story

Relocate to WA from New South Wales: success story

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    Relocate to Western Australia from New South Wales

    G’day, everyone, it’s Heath and Simon from You&Me Personalised Property Services, the buyer’s agency made for you. We are out and about today because, why not? It’s a sunny 22 degrees in Perth winter and we’re just going through a few examples of some recent client wins.

    One of the things we love to do is talk to our eastern counterparts and why they’ll relocate.

    We get them over here and get them into a dream home that they like. So Simon had a recent win on that, but I’ll let him explain that.

    Interstate buyers

    Yes, whether it’s international or interstate, we love them. We specialize in helping them relocate to our beautiful city. As you said, we’ve just had some clients from New South Wales. They’re retiring. They wanted to sell their family home in New South Wales, get cashed up and then they wanted to live that coastal dream.

    Perth is the best coastline in Australia

    And Perth represents, in my opinion, the best coastline in the country.

    Yes, we are biased but, I’ve lived all over Australia and to me it’s the best. And these clients just we’re so excited to see the value for money that they could get in a coastal suburb.

    Alkimos: great coastal suburb

    We identified a few suburbs, but the one that they really liked and the community that they really liked was a suburb called Alkimos.

    And we had the five properties shortlisted: five properties to go on view on the Sunday. I went and viewed them all, and narrowed it down to the one that we wanted and, they wanted a high $500,000.

    Negotiate with real estate agents

    One of the things I love to do in this job is to negotiate with agents. Depending on where the agent’s experience level sits, I guess the desperation to want to do deals will depend on how much information a real estate agent will give us. And the information that they give us is the leverage that we use to negotiate the best deal for our clients.

    So this particular one, the property wanted high 500,000, it was worth high 500,000. It was beautiful.

    Buyers’ competition

    There was probably 10 or 11 people at the open. There was strong interest. But I felt that if we could get in right away on the day, we might mitigate the risk of multiple offers coming in on the Monday or the Tuesday. So I said to the clients, I said,: “look, you know, it fits all the briefs, I video them all, we know that this is the one we want to go for. I can appreciate that. You might want one or two days to mull over whether or not you want to make an offer. But here are the factors. Here are the pros as to why I think we should do it now. Here are the cons.”

    Make an offer quick

    The pros significantly outweighed the cons, so we wanted to make an offer.

    I called the agent and I said, Hey, you know, I can say it’s on for high $500,000. What are your owners going to take? I love asking that question and putting an agent on the spot straight away. And the agent said, well, you know, it’s asking high fives, they want high fives.

    And I said: “I’ll get that. But we’re a cash deal and we can be unconditional and settled within 28 days. Interest rates have just gone up. What are the owners going to take?”

    The agent paused for a little bit? And then she said: “Well, we’ll take $565,000. I went to call my buyers up and said, hey, look, spoken to the agent we’ve already come down from high $500,000.

    Negotiate a better price

    She’s told me that the owners will take $565,000. I think if we get the offer in tonight, we’re ahead of the game and there’s no other offers in play. I think we can come in lower than that. We’re a cash deal. Let’s go in at $550,000 and be real cheeky and see what response we get. My buyers are like: “Oh, Simon, do you think we should?”

    Yes, 100%! If I was worried about another offer being in play or the chance that we might lose it, I wouldn’t have played games, but based on the information I had and the knowledge I had from being at the open, I was really confident it was just going to be us on the Sunday. So I drew it all up, put in the offer $550,000.

    The agent called me up straight away. And said: “Simon, this isn’t what we agreed on.”

    And I said: “well, I haven’t agreed on anything”. I just asked you what your owners would take. I’ve now spoken to my buyers and we’re prepared to make an offer for $550,000. It is cash. Interest rates have just gone up. It’s unconditional. It’s a 28 day settlement.

    You’ve got a 24 hour window for your sellers to either accept or decline this offer. But that’s where we feel comfortable. If your owners want a counter at a price, that they’ll accept they’re more than willing to make a counter to it. But $550,000 is where we sit. That was at about 5:00 in the afternoon at 8:35PM or 8:40PM that night, got a call from the agent deal done.

    Deal done

    Clients were absolutely ecstatic. 15 grand. Maybe it was 30 grand we saved them but we love winning for our clients. We love using our negotiation skills and we love using our leverage to ensure that our clients always get that best result.

    Saving our clients over $15,000

    And we always have little wins and little stories around that. We say only $15,000. But you know what? That’s:

    • a trip to America
    • a credit card paid off
    • a deposit for a new car

    It’s funny you say that because that’s exactly what Mark was saying. “That 15 grand is going to really good use for a Fishing boat.”

    He’s put it down for a boat.

    And by saving the 15 grand, it’s not actually costing us more because our budget was $600,000. So I feel like I saved 15 grand, but he feels like I’ve saved 50 grand because they were going up their high fives.

    If they were going to miss out, they would have gone up to six.

    15 grand doesn’t go that far into a boat. But like Mark said, it’s enough to get me out of the water.

    Looking to invest in property or buy a home?

    Get in touch with our buyer’s agency

    So, look, guys, it’s just one of the many wins that we’ve been having recently. We’d love to be able to help you, whether you’re looking for an investment, whether you’re looking to relocate or you’re looking for that dream home, get in touch with Heath and myself at You&Me Personalised Property Services.

    Until next time, guys, happy investing.


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