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    Focusing on producing top results

    Greetings, everyone! This is Heath Bassett from You&Me Personalised Property Services, and I’m happy and excited to share an exciting client success story with you today.

    Allow me to introduce our new clients, Peter and Staci, who reached out to us a couple of months ago all the way from regional WA.

    Now, let’s get down to business. Peter and Staci had a specific goal in mind: they were looking for not one, but two properties. Quite ambitious, right? So, why did they choose us? It’s simple – they recognised the expertise and personalised service that sets our buyer’s agency apart.

    Their story is a testament to the efficiency and dedication of our team. Stay tuned as we unravel the details of this remarkable journey and discover how Peter and Staci turned their property dreams into a reality with the help of You&Me Personalised Property Services!

    Heath Bassett-Buyers agent in Perth and WA
    Heath Bassett-Buyers agent in Perth and WA

    A couple looking to buy 2 properties in Perth

    Let’s delve deeper into Peter and Staci’s inspiring journey. Both hardworking individuals, Peter in the mining industry and Staci working diligently in Newman, found themselves in a situation familiar to many: they were keen to secure their financial future through smart investments. Another reason why they needed to hire local Perth buyer’s agents: they didn’t know much about Perth’s property market.

    Their solution? A strategic move towards investment properties. With a clear goal in mind – to secure a property that would not only appreciate in value but also facilitate steady payments covering both principal and interest on the mortgage – they turned to us at You&Me Personalised Property Services.

    Peter and Staci had a very simple brief in mind: “Here’s our budget, here’s our vision. Find us a property that aligns with our dreams and secures our future.”

    Their story is not just about property; it’s a testament to the power of strategic planning and smart choices.

    Finding a gem in Shoalwater: our quick success

    Professional and efficient property search: on and off-market solutions

    We wasted no time in scouring the market, and our hard work paid off quickly. Our radar led us to a property nestled in the serene locale of Shoalwater in Rockingham. Built in 2011, it held the promise of not just a home but an investment opportunity, plus tax benefits added.

    The property, initially listed at offers over $550,000, stood there, ripe for the taking. Now, in the realm of numbers and analyses, it might have appeared reasonable. Not challenge is too big for our buyer’s agency. I rolled up my sleeves, delved into my meticulously prepared reports and analytics, and sought a better deal, one that resonated with our terms and goals.

    Shoalwater Bay in Western Australia
    Shoalwater Bay in Western Australia

    Our buyer’s agency negotiates for our client’s interest only

    You see, negotiations are an art, and I was determined to craft a deal that favoured our clients. It wasn’t merely about bringing the price down; it was about ensuring that every dollar spent was an investment in the future. Hence, with a blend of persistence, strategy, and a keen eye for value, we started negotiating, aiming for a price that truly reflected the property’s worth.

    Journey to success: smart choices, calculated risks, and successful investments

    Helping our client get the property at the best possible price

    Things turned out really well. We managed to buy the property for $540,000, saving about $10,000 as I estimated. Later, the bank valued it at $580,000, giving Peter and Staci an instant equity of $40,000. Plus, just two days ago, we signed a lease for 12 months at $600 a week. That’s a great 5.77% rental return. Peter and Staci are thrilled, and rightfully so. Everything worked out better than we expected!

    High rental return

    Just so you know the numbers, the rental return on this property is 5.77%. Peter and Staci are extremely happy about this. If you would like to find out more about rental yield, read this article.

    With this rental income, they’ve almost covered the mortgage payments. Plus, the property is quite spacious, sitting on 600 square meters of land with a 180-square-meter, four-bedroom, two-bathroom layout. It was built in 2011 and is located in a peaceful area in Rockingham. All in all, a fantastic deal for them!

    About the second property acquisition

    A place to call home

    After this successful venture, we moved on to the next step as planned. Peter and Staci had a specific vision: they wanted a property to live in when they moved to Perth in 2 to 3 years. Their background involved living on five acres of land, so they desired a spacious plot, although not as large as five acres.

    Property found in Byford, WA

    We found a great fit for Peter and Staci: a plot of 2000 square meters in Byford. We kept our eyes on the market as a team for about a month. Initially, the property was listed at offers over $759,000. When Peter and Staci approached me, I thought it was way too expensive.

    We stood firm; we weren’t willing to pay that much. We patiently observed, waiting for the right moment. Eventually, the price dropped to offers over $729,000. That’s when we saw our opportunity. The property had been on the market for a while, surpassing the average days. I sensed the owner’s eagerness to sell after securing another piece of land. Armed with this knowledge, I negotiated persistently, going back and forth until we settled under $700,000. It was a strategic move, and it paid off.

    Shoalwater Bay in Western Australia

    Byford Secondary College, by Topeka-GuyWiki
    Byford Secondary College, by Topeka-GuyWiki

    We managed to secure the property for $700,000, a deal that Peter and Staci were happy with. When they saw the property, they instantly fell in love with it. In fact, they were so excited that they asked, “Can we move in today?” It was a dream come true for them.

    Investment and performance

    As for the investment, it’s doing remarkably well. The property is taking care of itself, and the rental income is substantial. For the next 1 to 2, maybe even 3 years, until Peter and Staci decide to move to Perth, the property will remain a rental. We anticipate it could fetch around $750 a week, roughly a 6% rental return. Anything above 5.5% is considered excellent in terms of returns on rental properties, so this is definitely a win for Peter and Staci!

    Rental return over the Perth average

    In Perth, the average rental yield hovers around 4.4%, but we’ve consistently exceeded that. Our properties often yield above 5.5%, and sometimes even reach impressive figures like 7.5% to 8%. It’s all about making smart choices in the property market.

    Building strong bonds with our clients

    We genuinely enjoy connecting with new people, and clients like Peter and Staci become not just business relationships, but lifelong friends. We’re eagerly looking forward to their return to Perth, where we plan to share good times over a beer and a pizza.

    Get in touch with us for your next property acquisition

    If you’re considering an investment or a property for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out. Until our next conversation, happy investing! Take care and talk to you soon.

    Contact Heath Bassett today to buy your next investment property
    Contact Heath Bassett today to buy your next investment property



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