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How home buyers make profit from property

Calculation after our first buyer’s agent consultation

Video transcript

Here’s a little snapshot of how the calculations took place after

the initial personalised consultation.

So, the deposit that our client had was $70,000.

The land component: $287,000.

And the build component after going through the builders was $234,500,

with a total cost of $521,500.

The rental yield expected was 5.19 to 5.38%.

The comparable sale is currently in the area are anywhere

from 570,000 $595,000,

which means it’s an instant equity of $49,000 to $73,500.

The mortgage repayments based on the average investment PMI

is $2,090 per month,

with a rental income expected at $2,080 to $2,160 per month.

So there you have it guys,

if you’d like to learn how this could be a reality for you, too.

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Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

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