What’s happening with the property market in Perth?

May 2023: review with our buyer's agency

Perth Buyer's Agent Simon Deering


Buyer's agent and co-founder

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Well, we are in my winter is only a month away. We’re almost halfway through the year. We’re almost at the end of the financial year and it feels like we’ve just blinked. And here we are today.

I know at the start of the year, there was a lot of anticipation and a lot of anxiety around what inflation was doing, what interest rates were doing.

Perth still has a solid real estate market

The property market was going to crash, everything was going to go into turmoil. But all of us that saw through the emotion were able to sit down and look at things logically.

High demand, low supply

And what we were able to ascertain is the supply here in Perth is still far too low and the demand is very, very strong. And that’s not going to change any time soon.

Simon Deering, Perth buyer's agent at You
Simon Deering, Perth buyer’s agent at You

Growth and high rent return in Perth WA

Low vacancy rate

And that is exactly why our market here in Perth reflected more growth, stronger rent returns and lower vacancy rates than anywhere else in the country. And those trends are going to continue. We’ve now seem to be taking a bit of a hold on inflation. We had our first interest rate halt. There is more confidence in the market, there are less properties for sale and there’s more buyers for sale and there’s more renters for sale.

Perth is still a hot market

All of those three things add up to a hot market. It adds up to capital growth and adds up to a rent return that’s pretty much going to cover your principal and interest repayments.

Here at You&Me Personalised Property Services, we are consistently getting our investors into products for below market value and for above market value rent returns. That’s the reason why so many buyers trust our buyer’s agent services.

The preferred choice for buyers agents in Perth

Again, these are the little one percenters that make us the preferred choice here in Perth. If you would like to find out how we can help you, simply give us a call or contact us on our website.

And until next time, happy investing.

Perth Buyer's Agent Simon Deering

Buyer's Agent, Co-Founder at You&Me Personalised Property Services

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