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You&Me Personalised Property Services and Capita Finance Solutions about the Perth Property Market

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Our guest, Matthew Stevens, Capita Finance Solutions

Matthew Stevens is a finance professional at Capita Finance Solutions.  Matthew has a goal in mind: matching people to mortgages. Capita Finance Solutions offers a free home loan service. Read the article about banks and interests rates here.

How is the property market in WA?

High buying demand in Western Australia

The Western Australian market is a commodities-based market. Whenever we think about the housing sector, we think about commodities. If commodities are high, export prices are going strong, there is a few things that we know:

  • There will be more mining jobs
  • WA’s employment rate will increase
  • The housing sector benefits from this situation

Consequences in the housing sector

Any town located near a mine site has doubled the prices of properties. Mining is important for Western Australia, as in Australia as a whole.

Capita Finance Solution Client’s story

Diversify a portfolio

Matt has a client who has a property in Albany, and another one in South Adelaide. This client is now looking at buying a property in the metro area.

He is building an investment portfolio and he is very successful at it. But how far can we go? How long will this boom last?

Looking at the last 8 years, the market hasn’t been great. Now we’re looking at upward growth potential where sky is the limit.

Invest to make money, not to lose money

How to minimise your risks when buying property?

You&Me Personalised Property Services specialises in minimising risks and maximising profits. That’s why it’s so essential to have a dedicated team of professionals when you’re looking at purchasing a property.

Find out more about loans at Capita Finance Solutions

Are you looking to buy a property? Capita Finance Solutions will help you find the right loan for you. Plus, their home loan service is free, as the lender you’ll choose will pay Capita Finance Solutions a commission when the loan is settled.

Learn more about Capita Finance Solutions here.

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