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International Buyers from Texas, USA – Success Story

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Successful journey of our clients from Texas

Hi everyone it’s Heath Bassett here from You&Me Personalised Property Services, your Perth buyers agents.

Today, we’re here with another client success story, and we absolutely adore them. Why? Because it means we’ve delivered on our promises, provided exceptional service, and forged new friendships. We’ve hit it out of the park, and our clients are overjoyed.

From Texas to Perth: a unique property journey

And at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about – sealing the deal in the best interests, securing the best outcome for our clients. Now, let’s switch gears a bit. We’ve got some Aussie folks living it up in Texas, having spent a good number of years there, and they’ve recently wrapped up their business.

Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Choosing Perth for a new beginning

Well, they were making the journey back, and their roots trace back to Tasmania. They decided on Perth, largely because they appreciate its climate, far from the sticky weather you’ll find up in Queensland. So, they settled on Perth, reached out to us, and right from the start, we just clicked. These folks are true-blue Aussies, with a penchant for thorough analysis, and we absolutely dig that.

Finding the perfect place in Port Kennedy

They asked a lot of questions, and we absolutely relished that. And we just got along like a house on fire. To cut a long story short, they signed up. Just two days later, they jetted over from Texas to Perth, booking an Airbnb, and we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The bottom line is, we’ve successfully found them a place in Port Kennedy. It’s a spacious one: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a three-car garage, on a sprawling 730-square-meter block, with a 267-square-meter floor space.

Port Kennedy-Western-Australia
Port Kennedy-Western-Australia


Set the target price

Now, the area is incredibly serene, nestled on the prime side of Port Kennedy. What makes it so special? Well, the appeal lies in the fact that when I conducted the property assessments, I set the target buying price at $680,000 to $705,000. We went over it, identified a need for some lighting upgrades as the place was a bit dim, but the interior spaces were nothing short of sensational.

Alan and Catherine were absolutely smitten with the property. What truly sealed the deal for them was discovering a top-notch private school in the area for their daughter Hannah to enroll in, ensuring her ongoing education and setting the stage for her future success. At that point, I thought, why not take a bold step?

I reckon the property’s worth a solid $700,000 any day of the week. But let’s push the envelope a bit, shall we? It’s been on the market for a tad, with content tenants who were keen to stay put. However, Alan and Katherine are all set to move in. But hey, why not have a bit of fun with it? It’s been on the market for a while, and we’ve got some bargaining power.

The power of negotiation

The selling agent had commissioned breath. He wanted his commission, you know, and he was, he was doing everything in his power that to help me. So the leverage I was using against him he was like, yeah, I agree, I agree. So you know what Alan, Catherine, I’m going to go in at $650,000. Absolute crazy. I don’t think we’re going to get it for this price.

Securing the best possible deal

I think they’ll likely going to negotiate it back. And you know, if we can settle somewhere around $670,000 or $680,000, I still reckon that’s a pretty sweet deal. But anyway, we threw in our offer at $650,000, added in some clauses to make it work in our favor, and wouldn’t you know it, within a day or two, they came back and said, “Yep, we’re verbally accepting your offer.”

Celebrating success with our clients

And I was like, Oh my God. Rang up the phone. Alan Catherine, You’d never believe, I think we got $50,000 off the deal. They were absolutely stoked and, and literally right now, as of yesterday, they’ve gone back to Tasmania, they’re going back to visit their family they haven’t seen in years. And while the settlement process and we take care of the pest control and building inspection and all the other clauses in there is getting done.

A smooth transition to a new beginning

Alan and Catherine went on a four-week holiday, and upon their return, they’d be stepping into their brand-new home, ready to embark on their fresh journey. This, my friends, is a prime example of client success. They came from abroad, and we absolutely knocked it out of the park. We secured a property for them within just nine days of their arrival, and it’s a whopping $50,000 below what I reckon anything else goes for in the Port Kennedy market.

And now, as they’re enjoying their holiday, they’ll return ready to settle in, explore a new school, and continue forging those fresh connections. So, folks, a big congratulations to Alan, Catherine, and Hannah!

Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world
Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world

Join us and become our next success story

If you’re eager to be one of our success stories, you know the drill. Just grab your phone, reach out to us via call or text, and let’s make it happen.

And until next time, happy investing.

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