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Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett


Buyer's agent and co-founder

G’day everyone, Heath here from You&Me Personalised Property Services.

The Importance of Open Communication

I would like to have a little bit of a chat because something jogged my memory literally yesterday. We were doing callbacks for people that we’ve done a discovery meeting with and one of the things that come up was he had a concern, but he didn’t voice it in the discovery meeting.

I want to emphasise that as buyer’s agents, we’re incredibly transparent: we’re an open book. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us anytime, whether it’s during the property settlement process or at any point in the future. We value open communication and trust, so don’t hesitate to express your views, whether they’re positive or negative.

Differentiating Ourselves in the Market

I’d like to point out that there are numerous buyer’s agents in Australia, including some prominent ones like ourselves here in Perth and Western Australia. We never exert any pressure at any stage of our journey together to make you sign up with us. People choose to work with us because they like our vibe, enjoy our videos, value our knowledge, and appreciate our communication style.

Have your say and ask us anything
Have your say and ask us anything

They’re trusting our buyer’s agency

They’ve established trust with us, some of them or none of them. People choose us because they genuinely like us, and we reciprocate that feeling. Throughout your journey with us, there is never an expectation to commit or to hold back your opinions. We’ve never conveyed the idea that we’re not open to discussion at any point in your journey.

Talk to us about anything

So any time that you want to have a chat to sort out anything at all, whether it’s about fees, differing opinions on pricing structures, or questions about our steps to settlement process. We’re here to have an open conversation and address any concerns you may have.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. What sets us apart is our extensive network of selling agents, perhaps the largest in Perth, Western Australia. We can engage with these selling agents to explore off-market opportunities for you.

Maintaining exclusivity: we work with only 50 clients per year

We limit our client base to just 50 clients per year, ensuring that we can dedicate our full attention and energy to each one. Our focus isn’t on pulling clients in solely for financial gain, nor are we rushing to move on to the next client.

We also offer a no-brainer guarantee

We’re committed to working with our clients for as long as it takes, and we back this commitment with our unique buyer’s agency guarantee – the You&Me Guarantee. This way, you can trust that we’re selective and genuinely dedicated to your success, not just taking on any client.



Some of the reasons why buyer’s love our services

Let’s summarise a few reasons why our buyer’s agency has gained popularity within the past 2 years:

  • So we only deal with 50 clients a year.
  • You’re only ever going to deal with myself or Simon or both of us at any one point in the transaction.
  • You’re not being kicked off to a cadet or an associate.

We are committed to delivering the best outcome for you

When you turn to us, you can rest assured that the qualities we promise upfront—our company values, our team’s character, and our unmatched commitment—are what you’ll experience throughout your entire journey with us. We believe in consistency and transparency, making sure that our clients know exactly who we are and what we stand for.

We personalise our services to suit your specific situation

One of our distinctive features is our personalised service. We encourage you to voice any questions or preferences you may have. If you have a specific vision or a unique way you’d like things done, simply ask, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. We’re genuinely excited to welcome you on board and have a conversation with you about how our strengths set us apart from any other buyer’s agency in Perth.

We consistently achieve exceptional results to assist all property buyers

We take pride in our achievements, including being named the number one and highest-rated buyer’s agent in WA for the year 2022 (check our Google Business Profile). This recognition underscores our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver outstanding service. We’re eager to share how our proven track record and commitment to personalization make us the ideal choice for your buyer’s agency needs in Perth.

So until we hear from you and until next time, happy investing!

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Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

Property Buyer's Agent and Co-Founder at You&Me Personalised Property Services

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