Buyer's advocates for FIFO workers: a smart way to buy real estate

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The property market in Perth saw a huge surge between 2020 – 2022 with reports of property sales growing more than 100%. This goes to show that the Perth market still has lots of deals out there, but when it comes to fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers finding deals, should they use buyer’s advocates?

Many FIFO workers want to invest in real estate but they aren’t sure what their best options are. The problem is that this can lead to them getting a bad investment property and setting themselves up for failure in the long run.

However, one of the best solutions is to use buyer advocates to get FIFO workers the best chances to find a property fast, and stress-free.

If you would like to learn why FIFO workers should use buyer’s advocates in Perth to buy real estate, then keep reading.

Why Do FIFO Workers Use Buyers Advocates?

Before we get into how buyer advocates can help when finding a FIFO property, let’s cover what buyers’ advocates do. A buyer’s advocate’s role is to help FIFO workers to find a property that is right for them and at the right price.

The buyer’s advocate can save FIFO workers time, energy, and money by completing a wide range of property searching tasks for them.

This includes things like finding an investment property, inspecting it, viewing the property, negotiating prices, and more.

When searching for properties buyers’ advocates use several methods. This includes things like door knocking, contacting selling agents they know in different areas, contacting owners of off-market properties, searching large property websites and more.

The reason why buyer’s advocates are so valuable is that FIFO workers often struggle to find a property that is right for them, and in the time frame they are home. This is because FIFO workers spend most of their time working out of town so they don’t have time to search in person for properties.

However, buyer’s advocates can search for a property for them, even when FIFO workers are working away from home.

It is worth noting that buyer advocates at You&Me Personalised Property Services only work with limited clients per year. FIFO workers will also only deal with one of the co-founders of the business, every time.

To get started, FIFO workers can contact a real estate company that offers help with buyers’ advocates.

How Can Buyer’s Advocates Help?

If you are a FIFO worker then it’s common to have a busy lifestyle where you are regularly flying in and out of your hometown. When this happens it can make it more difficult to find the right real estate property to invest in, particularly if you aren’t keeping up to date with the housing market in your area.

A buyer’s advocate has access to off-market opportunities due to their extensive network of selling agents which allows them to provide a much more thorough property search.

This allows them to recommend properties they think will be a good fit for you and visit open house viewings for you.

Not only this, but they will also take the time to find out what it is that you are looking for, including your budget, property size, location, and more. After this, they will provide you with different options based on the information that you have provided them with.

One of the key strengths of buyer advocates is the fact that they are experts in negotiating prices for FIFO workers and investors alike. This is because they are highly experienced in negotiating and they can use leverage to get the best possible price for you.

Buyer advocates do this by researching the seller, and selling agent, and learning everything they can about the property so they know what price the seller may be willing to accept.

At You&Me PPS, we have a wealth of experience, in buying, selling, and investing in our own properties plus successfully closing hundreds if not thousands of deals for our clients.

The Benefits of Fifo Workers Using Buyers Advocates

Many people are unaware of how many benefits buyer advocates can offer. However, we have covered some of the top benefits below for you.

They Can Save Time

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using buyer advocates is the fact that they can save you time. This is because the buyer’s advocate will be doing a lot of the property searching for you.

Once you find the property that you like buyer advocates can also get trusted and recommend specialist advisors to help you with your mortgage. This is a huge advantage for FIFO workers who are constantly travelling and don’t have time to negotiate prices and go to lots of viewings.

They Provide Expert Insights

Another benefit of using a buyer advocate is that they provide expert insights into the current real estate market. In each particular area of Australia, there will be things about the real estate market that are unique to that particular area.

So it’s important to have an expert who is familiar with the local area when you are going to buy a property. The great thing is that buyer advocates are constantly staying up to date with the area you are considering buying a property in so they can give you expert insights.

You Can Get a Better Deal

Aside from getting better insights, buyer advocates can also help FIFO workers to find a better deal. The reality is that in Perth it can be hard to find deals in the real estate market.

Particularly if you are regularly flying in and flying out regularly. However, with the help of buyer advocates, you can find the deal you are looking for. Not only this, but they will negotiate the price for you meaning you can end up spending less than you expected.

Work With Buyer’s Advocates Today

Getting buyer’s advocates to help you to find a deal shouldn’t be a difficult thing. There are lots of benefits to using a buyer advocate for FIFO workers and there is a good chance that they could save you money in the long run.

At You&Me PPS, we offer a wide range of buyer advocate services, including services for FIFO workers.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, then simply contact us today.

Perth Buyer's Agent Heath Bassett

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